Photo: Stefana Djokic

Stefana Djokic graduated Joint History of Art and Architectural History (MA Hons) in 2014 and completed MSc by Research in History of Art in 2016, both at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK. While her MSc examined the impact of US Neo-Dada and Robert Rauschenberg on former Yugoslavia’s art scene, she is currently completing her PhD at the University of Edinburgh investigating the instrumentalisation of art as a tool of cultural diplomacy by both the Yugoslav and US governments between ca. 1948-1970, an extraordinarily eventful period in political, cultural, and artistic exchanges. In her research, Miss Djokic aims to broaden the current understanding of the diverse relations between US art and Eastern European art, and challenge well-worn Cold War narratives in terms of an East-West binary. Her research places Yugoslavia in a wider East European context, which will help to open up novel opportunities for re-thinking the aesthetic, social, didactic and ideological positions on which European responses to modern US art were grounded. Miss Djokic was also a contributor to the collaborative research and publication project “Art of the United States in European Writing ca. 1945-1990”, an initiative of the journal Art in Translation, supported by the Terra Foundation (