Photo: Tatiana Nekrasova

Anna Pronina is a cultural historian of the Soviet Union, with emphasis on Central Asia. She currently pursues a PhD degree in History at Central European University (Vienna, Austria). Her dissertation analyzes the history of architecture and performative arts in Uzbekistan with a particular focus on the (post)colonial dynamics in the region during the Soviet period. To do so, she investigates the architectural projects of state theatres in Tashkent as well as their repertoire in the wide context of nation-building process in Uzbekistan and the national and cultural policy of the Soviet Union in general. Her special attention is focused on the participation of Uzbek ensembles, artists and craftsmen at the all-Union and world exhibitions, from the 1920s to the 1950s. Previous to her PhD research at CEU, Anna received a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Cultural studies from Moscow State University. She is also an editor and curator in various projects, including an open research archive of the history and contemporary culture of Central Eurasia on