Photo: Lenke Szilágyi, 2020

Enikő Róka is an art historian, museologist and researcher based in Budapest. She worked for the Hungarian National Gallery between 1996 and 2014 where she was the Head of the Collection of Prints and Drawings (2000–2009), and Head of Research (2010–2014). She wrote her dissertation about the history of a fin de siècle art collection. Specialist of 19thand 20th century art and architecture, she curated many exhibitions, as Mihály Zichy, Gustave Doré. Deux „monstres de génie”. (Musée Félicien Rops, Namur, 2009, co-curators: Véronique Carpiaux and Eszter Földi), XIX. Art and Nation. Image and Self-Image (Hungarian National Gallery, 2010, co-curators: Erzsébet Király and Nóra Veszprémi), Art and Artists in the First World War (Balatonfüred, Vaszary Galéria, 2014, co-curator: György Szücs), 1971. Parallel Non Synchronism (Kiscell Museum – Municipal Gallery, 2018, co-curators: Dóra Hegyi, Zsuzsa László, Zsóka Leposa and László Százados).

She published several essays about the relation between art and ideology, propaganda, and the nationalism in art. Since 2014 she is the Head of the Kiscell Museum–Municipal Gallery, curator of different exhibitions including contemporary art. She is a member of the ICOM-Hungary commitee, author of articles about contemporary museology. She has written three books, one about the protestant church architecture (A budai református templom. Budapest, 1999), another about the Ernst collection (Nacionalizmus és modernizmus. Ernst Lajos gyűjteménye és az Ernst Múzeum. L’Harmattan, Budapest, 2013) and recently a monograph on the neo-Gothic architecture of Samu Pecz. (co-author Ágnes Gy. Balogh)